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Best Trade License For All Type Of Business And Visa Status

Trade license is issued by the economic development authority of the UAE. It gives the businessmen to do any kind of business inside the UAE. There are different types of trade licenses to choose from. Trading license in the UAE is one of the most important things before starting the business. It can be obtained from the UAE authorities. You will have to choose a trading name. In addition, a memorandum and articles of association must be prepared. Finally, your initial approvals will take place after submitting the documents to the DED. The Trading license may cost you AED 30,000 to 40,000 depending on the type of business you are planning to start. This license also acts as the legal holding structure in the UAE and licensing authority. Finally, there are three different types of trade license in the UAE. And they are issued for small, medium and large scale manufacturing industries. Basically, with this license, you can do any kind of business-related to import, export, and trading goods. Also, you can do multiple trading activities with one trade license.


But there are some products that can not be traded within the UAE. They are guns, cars, alcohol, and medicinal products. Further, if you want to trade any of the above-mentioned products, you must get a preapproval from the higher authorities or clearance from UAE municipalities. However, they will only be traded under a different license commercial license. Some benefits of getting this license in UAE include free tax, trading locally and internationally, straightforward procedures, freedom to apply for multiple visas and auditing is not mandatory.

Final Words

At last, there are four types of licenses that are issued by the UAE authority. And they are commercial license, professional license, industrial license and tourism license. Furthermore, you will need to renew your trade license every year with a cost less than the registration cost.